anagram 092700

Friday, September 22nd, 2000

6:58p trying on silly cheap wigs that came with my mannequin :)
gonna watch big brother now, then go out 2 eat

Saturday, September 23rd, 2000

10:49a it's a lazy saturday once again :)
i bought some time-zero film for my polaroid sx-70 and i have found out that indeed the camera DOES work, so that cool :)
i still haven't gotten the hang of the exposure button yet...if i have it too open the picture blurs ( but in a cool way )
jason and i are gonna watch cartoons on the couch.
there is a new anagram up
i wish polaroid film wasn't so damn expensive

here is a further explanation i was given to get b&w polaroid film into an sx-70

"Ok, place the film upright on a table with the card covering the film facing
you so you can read it (forward, not up towards the ceiling). It probably
won't really be able to stand upright on its own if you have it positioned
correctly. That short, narrow side is the "bottom". You should see two
small raised plastic rectangles on either side of that "bottom" side. If
you can saw those off with a knife so that that area is flush with the rest
of the plastic, you should get it to fit."

i still have yet 2 figure that out

10:57a ok, jason just read those directions and i think i have it figured out what part to saw off from the BW film. i just don't know what kind of tool to do it, i would need something extremely sharp, durable, and precise
i feel a bit rundown today. i think i'll take some exhinacea
i wonder if more mannequins will arrive for me today

3:15p wow, i got so tired i crawled back into bed and slept some more, and i feel a lot better having done that. i ate a slice of pizza that jason bought and i'm drinking a bit of pepsi.
jason went over to his friend's house who is now his boss, too...and they are gonna work on stuff.
i toild him i hop he will be home soon 'cause i don't like to see him working on the weekends. but he loves his job and his boss is his best friend, so that's pretty cool.
my chin is really breaking out and making me feel ugly.
but i am in a pretty happy mood despite that.

jason just bought this totally amazing new thing called the nomad jukebox, made by creative. u can put 150 cds in it! it's like a walkman but wayyyy cooler. *drool* i want one!

i dunno what i'll do today. hmmm. i still am in a mode that i am not terribly interested in making campix. but who hour later i could be inspired.

yesterday was definitely mannequin day.

i am so sad...the racoon fell off the tv and one of it's legs is broken now :((((((
the inside of the leg is kind of like styrofoam or cork. i think i can glue it back together if i knew what was the best kind of glue 2 use.
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3:24p the dogs have finally figured out that when icq does that dopr knocking noise...that doesn't mean someone knocked on our apartment door. :)
oh! and jason taught deiter how to shake now, too!
they are getting to know more and more words all the time :)
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3:33p i posted this in lisa's journal:

"we, as a human race need to evolve past the point where everytime there is nudity that equals sex.

nudity does not equal sex ALL THE TIME

FREE your mind, so that we, as women, as part of the human race, will be able to freely walk down the streets naked someday enjoying the feeling of air on ouur bodies instead of clothing, and we will not fear for our lives because of it."

5:30p i'm working on getting new anapix up

6:29p 40 new anapix up!

9:13p such beautiful pictures here!

Sunday, September 24th, 2000

9:34a sorry i forgot to switch it over to my sleeping cam last night, so it was on lydia ( or lucy? ) all night
( i still haven'y figured out a name 4 her! )

tonight i'm going to circque du soleil with my dad. i leave in two hours so i'm going to get ready for that now. and then tomorrow i'm going for a walk with my friend bill at 2:00pm, then at 4:30pm i'm going to my mom's for dinner because her brother is going to be there , too. i haven't seen my uncle in maybe a decade. he is a really crazy tomorrow night should be i'm nervous about seeing my mom. *crosses fingers*
i'm gonna scan some more polaroids now that i took last night for the next anagram

Tuesday, September 26th, 2000


get this!

my grandmother used to date the father of john fluevog, my favourite shoe designer, who was also 1/2 of the inspiration when i made up my last name "voog"!!!!!!
and my uncle KNOWS him.
how COOL is that???

and john fluevog's father was the guy who brought soft ice cream ( like dairy queen ) to north america!

i am floored.
truly utterly floored
the universe works in strange mysterious wondrous ways...

3:12p mannequin overload?
lookit my cam
18 mannequins in my living room!

Wednesday, September 27th, 2000

12:17p ok, dammit. i HAVE to get outside to do errands PRONTO!
i rearranged my mannequins, and i do noty like the arrangement.
it will probably take me awhile to find an arrangement i like.

i put one on top of my piano!
and one is on top of my desk!
i'll show u pictures soon :)

a lot of my camcorders have been dying

the leaves are turning colour here already